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Glowerks is an after-sales support company specializing in software onboarding with focus on 4 key areas: Onboarding, Data Migration, Technical Support and Training.

With a vision of creating a competitive edge and improve profitability of our clients, Glowerks strives to facilitate a hassle-free onboarding experience.

We help businesses outsource their customer engagement while they continue focus on growth. Glowerks provides a diverse team of professionals who are committed to delivering high quality customer experience.

Facilitating a Hassle-Free Customer
Onboarding Experience.

Onboarding Specialist

Onboarding Specialists are experienced in hand-holding clients through the software onboarding process. They also assist clients in government grants documentation process (PSG/EDG). Providing a seamless experience in the onboarding process, onboarding specialists will ensure clients are ready to embrace the new software.

Data Migration

Data is key to any system set in place. Data Migration Specialists at Glowerks understand the importance of this and provide clients with 100% data importation with the utmost accuracy. From data gathering, importation to implementation, data migration specialists will ensure clients smooth transition from one system to the other.


Support personnel at Glowerks have only one goal in mind: To solve queries of our client's users and provide quick resolutions to tickets raised. With the understanding of requirements from users, the Glowerks support team will take the necessary steps to satisfy doubts anyone has. As they say, "We are only a phone call (or message) away".

Training & Development

The Training team at Glowerks aims to not just introduce your digital solution to customers, but enable the proficient use of systems. With experience in development and delivery of training content, trainers at Glowerks will professionally educate and provide knowledge to users by various means including the creation of manuals and knowledge-base documents. Knowledge is power.

Our Process

End to end handling of client's journey

Our team of onboarding specialists handhold your customers through the entire implementation journey.
Basic Set up
Data Migration
User Training
Handover to provider

Why Should You Choose Us?

  • Strategic Cost Management

    Our team of experts can help manage your client relationships throughout the implementation journey. In turn, help you save costs without compromising on the quality of customer service.

  • Value Add

    A strong after sales experience will not only increase your customer satisfaction ratings but also add more credibility to your product and brand value.

  • Streamline Growth

    Your company can focus solely on upward business growth with easier transition to improve sales through efficient optimisation.


Carddio was looking high and low for an outsourced company to help with our SoftwareOnboardingand Training. We came across many but we decided to let Glowerks handle this. Wewereimpressedwith the onboarding of our clients, we were surprised in more ways than one. Ourclientswere onboarded and serviced well, leads were accurately uploaded and now we can focus ongrowingthe business.

Founder | Director | Consultant
Carddio Pte Ltd

Glowerks has become the backbone in our operations. We engage Glowerks for our Onboarding, Data Migration, Training and Support. They have been working with us since more than a year. They are extremely professional in their work. Our customer success score has risen up significantly over the past one year. The team helps to connect with different clients located in different areas easily. The team is delightful to work with and our clients always provide great feedback. Happy to be their clients.
Devisha Tayal

Product Executive
Carbonate HR

Glowerks has been vital to our operations given their responsiveness, the services we received from Glowerks plays a big role in our clients’ decision to use Flavor CRM instead of a competing software. We’ve never had such good customer support in the past when we were onboarding our clients, Glowerks was able to assist our clients with onboarding to ensure the whole transition is seamless. Working with Glowerks has allow Flavor CRM to focus more on the product’s organic growth and we know that our clients are in the good hands of Glowerks team.
Eefan Tan

General Manager
Flavor CRM



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